We at Elite Flooring have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the restoration of hardwood floors. We have actively been involved in some significant projects throughout the South Coast including Lulworth Castle, the Weld Estate and Bovington Camp

Restoration as a process can be difficult and may require repairs, replacement of damaged components or greater preparation however you can feel confident in knowing that Elite Flooring  will provide extensive information throughout this planning process and will actively involve you at every step of the procedure. As experts in the field Elite Floor Restoration recognize that restoration as a process can be daunting but we hope to alleviate any concerns you may have.

Services we provide-

  • Floor sanding
  • Floor staining
  • Restoration of all parquet flooring Herringbone, Basket weave, Mosaics and finger block
  • Specialist preparation in exotic timbers from around the world
  • Engineered Hardwoods from walnuts oaks and maples etc
  • Victorian and period Pine floors
  • Timber floor repairs
  • Supply and fitment service of an extensive range of modern and traditional timbers to suit all budgets and requirements

We offer all works completed as fully insured and guaranteed.