When it comes to floor sanding, this is something of a fine art get it right and a timber floor can look exceptional. However, get it wrong and the floor can end up looking truly awful, ultimately wasting time, money and requiring full correction.

A major factor to be considered with the use of opting to hire machines is that it should really be avoided at all costs. Restoration should be a pleasant stress free experience. However using hire machines can potentially ruin walls skirting and furnishings due to the incredibly bad dust extraction, not to mention the very real damage they can cause to the timber floors themselves, even more so when they are introduced to mosaic floors and parquetry. They are often poorly maintained resulting in irregular sanding patterns, uneven finishing and chatter marks from worn sanding drums and seized bearings, alongside cross scratching and unsightly gauges left in the wood from having no clutch operation.

Fortunately, our state of the art industrial floor sanding machinery and specialist parquetry machines are of exceptional quality. leaving no dust, no machine marks and a smooth superior prepared timber ready for the finish to bring out the true beauty of the wood.

Our machines are German engineered and alongside the high quality of our machines we have a wealth of clear and understood knowledge of working with these machines and timbers. Correctly placing sure trust of a perfect finish every time, to such a degree you will not know machinery has even been used

By opting to sand floors professionally you will end up with a perfectly finished floor that will inevitably look better, will leave you fully satisfied and ultimately will save you money in the long run and far out perform any amateur attempt